PC-Tune Up | Speed-Up

Computer Hub’s PC Tune-Up and Speed-Up services can get your computer working to it’s peak performance levels. Why go out and spend a ton of money on a completely new computer when it may be more affordable to simply upgrade and/or update the system you have now?


Our PC Tune Up | Speed Up service includes:

System Evaluation

We will help you determine if your system would benefit from an increase in system memory or if it needs more hard drive space to help speed things up. Or maybe you need a new processor or Motherboard or a faster CD/DVD.

Increase Startup Speed

Often when you install programs they will create a startup item which only slows your system down. Our technicians will remove any unnecessary applications from your start up sequence, thereby boosting performance.

Removal of Unused Applications

If you bring in a list of what software you are not using, or our technicians can assist in help determining what is not useful to you, we can then free up space on the system. By removing unused software applications more resources are freed up which can result in increased system performance.

Scan Registry for Unused Keys

Removing unused registry keys reduces the size of the registry which results in a system performance increase.

Defragment System Drive

Defragmenting the system hard drive increases the speed at which the Operating System accesses data on the hard drive which in turn increases overall system speed.

BIOS & Operating System Settings

In addition our technicians will optimize your BIOS setting and Operating System configurations and settings for optimal speed.